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Parking Lot Safety Warning Could Help Save Your Life

Parking Lot Safety Warning Could Help Save Your Life

Check out this parking lot safety video; the tips that they share could help you save your life!

In a world full of distractions, it's easy to miss what's going on around you. That’s exactly what happens at the start of this video.

The scene starts off with a girl walking out of a building to her car while she is looking down at her phone. Then a man sees her and gets out of his car. He then comes up from behind her and grabs her as she screams, and he puts her in the trunk of his car before driving away.

“Getting in and out of your car is a high-risk area for an assault. When leaving a store or building, you need to look ahead to your car and make sure there isn’t anything out of place that may be a risk to you,” says the voiceover in the video. “As you are walking to your car and notice someone watching you from their car, then speed up and get in your car as soon as you can. Lock the doors immediately and leave.”

Then the video goes on to list four tips that can help you in this situation.

The first one is to walk fast with a purpose. The second tip is to have your head up and stare at someone if they make you nervous. If you use your eyes to basically say, ‘I see you’ -- this sends the subconscious signal that you are a fighter and that is not what a predator wants. The third tip is to have your keys out and ready to unlock your car door before you leave the store, and the final tip is to have your dominant hand open and free of bags.

The video also reminds viewers that they can go back into the building and ask for an escort if they see someone hanging out near their car.

“Above all, remember to be aware and trust your intuition at all times, and these tips will keep you safe. Be strong, be empowered, and be confident,” the video concludes.

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