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Faith and Unbelief at War

Haven't you been in situations where you needed to count on God, but didn't think you could? This tension is the battle between faith and unbelief. And unless you understand this tension, you will make a wreck of your relationship with the Lord.
But while it would seem so, unbelief is not the exact opposite of faith—at least not in the way it plays out in our daily lives. While faith has its substance in our spirit (our divine nature), unbelief has its substance in our flesh (our human nature). And both conditions can be (and usually are) present at the same time.
It is critical to your progress (and to your sanity) to understand that just because you are dealing with unbelief “does not” mean that you have no faith. On the other hand, just because you have faith “does not” mean that you won't have to deal with unbelief.
Don't let your unbelief convince you that you don't have any faith. And don't get so cocky that you begin to think your faith in God won't be challenged by unbelief.

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