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More than We Realize

When I was a boy on the farm, a strange thing happened as I went back and forth in the field, from one end to the other. Although Dad taught me everything I knew about farming, I would lose sight of the fact that he knew the job better than I did. When he sent me to the field to work, I somehow would forget that he was the expert and that I was the apprentice. It was as if he knew nothing about what I was going through—the heat, the boredom, the dirt, the itching, the noise.
It was as if he was off doing the “Dad” thing and had just forgotten about me. I even began to make up my own rules. I would run the tractor at a higher rpm or in a higher gear. I wouldn't overlap soil tillage as much as he did. I wasn't outright rebellious, but I took plenty of liberties just so I could get done quicker.
In my relationship with God it has been easy to forget that He not only knows everything that I know, but He is the source of everything I know. I can't just say to Him, “You take care of the “God” stuff and I'll take care of my stuff.” There is no “my” stuff. I can't do anything without Him (see John 15:5).
It's easy to have faith in God for the big stuff—the stuff that's impossibly big for us to handle. But it's not so easy to have faith in God for those things we think we can handle—even if barely.

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