Mat 12 40 Three days and three nights

This is the best teaching I have heard on the subject I believe.

How do you get 3 days & 3 nights from Friday to Sunday? Was he crucified on Friday, or Thursday or Wednesday? What does the Bible say???

Teaching starts 2:40

How do you get 3 days and 3 nights from sunset on Friday till sunrise on Sunday 4:58

You have to check the details of the death and resurrection accounts in the gospels 10:00

It was the preparation day for the Sabbath and it was a special Sabbath not the weekly Sabbath John 19:31

On the road to Emmaus 19:40

75 Pounds of spices and oils to dress the body 24:30

Luke 23 indicates that there was two Sabbaths 29:30

No place does it say Jesus arose at sunrise 35:00

Back to the road to Emmaus 40:00

Friday or Wednesday? 44:30

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