Public Request of Forgiveness by Amândio Brito

This video contains the Public Request of Forgiveness by Amândio Brito, a compulsorily reformed Judge on behalf of the Public Confessions on Orgies, recently made in the Republic of Cape Verde.
These are excuses for my Relatives, for the Family of my wife Eydira Brito, for the whole Society, for all my co-workers and for all Cape Verdeans, especially from the islands of Santiago, São Nicolau and Fogo.
Part 1 of the Video briefly explains how my false religious experience was in CRASDT, since I began to learn Bible Truth with Mr. Inácio Cunha, and then I listened to Satan and fell into terrible sins, until That I decided to confess everything, publicly.
Part 2 of the Video explains the consequences that, in a month and a little more than 10 days, I suffered at my family, marriage, society and work levels, with my Public Confessions, but also the Great Gain that I obtained with that.
The third and final part of the Video contains my specific apologies, some additional clarification, and a Serious Appeal to all those who are suffocated by sin.
This video is for everyone.
And forgiveness, I ask you all.

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