God Told Beth Moore To Brush A Stranger's Hair In the Airport

God Told Beth Moore To Brush A Stranger's Hair In the Airport

Listen to this story by Beth Moore about how God told her to brush a stranger’s hair in an airport one day.

Christian writer and speaker Beth Moore knows that sometimes God asks us to do things we aren't exactly comfortable with. And that’s exactly what happened to her one day at the airport when she saw an elderly man in a wheelchair whose hair was a matted mess.

As the man rolled by in the crowded terminal, Beth said that the Lord began to compel her heart and overwhelm her. “God is up to something when he is overwhelming your heart like that,” she shared.

Beth thought that God wanted her to witness to the older gentleman. But the Lord said to her, “I’m not asking you to witness to him. I’m asking you to brush his hair.”

She was fighting it because she really didn’t want to do it. And she was thinking about how she didn’t even have a hairbrush to do what God was asking of her.

Despite everything, Beth was obedient and did just what the Lord said. She ends up walking up to the man and says, “Sir, may I have the honor of brushing your hair?” Since he was hard of hearing, she had to shout the request again which led to everyone in the airport terminal to stare at her.

The man says that she can and tells her that he has a hairbrush in his bag. As she is looking for it, she is flooded with the love of Christ.

Beth continued to brush the old man’s long gray hair until it was as smooth as silk. “Sir, do you know Jesus?” she asks him after she finishes with his hair. He said that he did and that his bride of so many years would not marry him until he came to know Christ.

Then one of the flight attendants came to bring him onto the plane. She came back out into the terminal in tears and asked Beth what made her do that. “Jesus,” Beth said. “He’s the bossiest thing.”

What an amazing story! And just like Beth Moore shared in her talk, “When we are filled to the measure with the fullness of Christ, you cannot believe the needs we can meet.” God can do incredible things through us, if we just take the time to listen and act!

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