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Christian Artist Jamie Kimmett Turned Down Pop Record Deal To Follow God

Christian Artist Jamie Kimmett Turned Down Pop Record Deal To Follow God

Rising Christian artist Jamie Kimmett shares his moving testimony of listening to God instead of pursuing Earthly goals.

Jamie is a Scottish singer-songwriter with a true heart for God. At the age of 16, Jamie made the decision to pursue a career in music. His dream took him all the way to Los Angeles where he received big opportunities from top record labels.

But along the way, he felt someone was trying to get his attention.

On his website, Jamie wrote, “It’s like God was bringing all these people to talk to me one after the other. It got to the point where I’d be in line at Starbucks, turn around and someone would ask, ‘Do you know Jesus?’ and I’d reply, ‘No, I’m just here for some hot chocolate.’ I was living my life as if God didn’t exist. I wasn’t an atheist, it just wasn’t something I thought about.”

Time after time, God spoke to Jamie in unique ways. After visiting church with a friend, the young artist discovered a relationship with God.

The bond was quickly put to the test when Jamie was handed his dream of a record deal with a major label. But his heart told him this was not the right path and Jamie left LA to travel back home and dig into the Word of God.

That’s when he found his place in the Christian music world. Now, Jamie has a new record deal and is living in Nashville sharing God’s message through worship.

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