6 Sisters Perform 'Oceans' From Hillsong UNITED

6 Sisters Perform 'Oceans' From Hillsong UNITED

This beautiful cover of ‘Oceans’ from Hillsong UNITED will take your breath away. Six beautiful sisters, with equally beautiful voices, are performing it in the video. They are all part of a band called Cimorelli.

The band is called Cimorelli, because that is the girls’ last name. From oldest to youngest, the band members’ names are Christina, Katherine, Lisa, Amy, Lauren, and Dani.

The sisters come from a big, Christian family that has 11 kids. There are six girls and five boys. Each of the girls individually have a wonderful voice, and together their harmonies are angelic.

Their mom taught all of the sisters how to sing when they were very little. They have been performing together as a band for over the last 10 years and are known for the many popular songs that they cover on their YouTube channel.

The sisters range from ages 18 – 28, and it is clear that they have such a strong and close bond with each other. They say that their parents always taught them to support one another when they were growing up.

After they finish singing ‘Oceans’ in the video, the band talks about what it is like to grow up with so many siblings.

“Everyone eats your food, so you have to eat really fast,” Christina, the oldest sister, explains.

Lauren talks about the positives and negatives that come with a large family. “There’s always something to do, someone to talk to, so it’s pretty fun. The problem is when you need privacy. You can’t really have it.”

“Technically it’s not really crazy anymore, because we’ve all kind of moved out,” Dani says. “We don’t all live together anymore. But growing up it was definitely crazy. So loud! Like music, talking, TV, so much stuff was going on all the time.”

It’s a beautiful thing to see such a strong sisterhood between these girls. And what a blessing it is to see them use their gifts to glorify God!

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