Baby Has Sweet Reaction To Hearing A Violin For First Time

Baby Has Sweet Reaction To Hearing A Violin For First Time

This little baby is hearing a violin for the very first time and he has the sweetest reaction. Children are truly a gift from God. Each and every one of these little angels were placed in our lives for a reason and it's absolutely amazing to watch them journey from infants to God-loving adults.

Children are full of wonder and excitement. Many times, we are there to witness kids experiencing something for the very first time. Reactions can range from love and bewilderment to anger and disgust. The world is full of new and exciting things for children and everything is right at their fingertips.

This little boy is the perfect example of the innocence of a child. He is gathered in a room with other kids and they are listening to a musical performance. At the front of the room, a woman is playing a beautiful song on the violin. As soon as she starts to play, the little boy is entranced. That's when he runs right up to the violinist and sits at her feet.

You can see the smile spread across the musician's face as she continues to play to her attentive audience. For the entire song, this little boy does not move. He just looks up in sheer amazement. It's such a sweet moment to watch this toddler hear something for the first time and be absolutely taken aback.

As adults, we've heard a violin many times, so the wonder sometimes wears off. But for a child, it reminds us all that there is so much beauty in the simple things around us.