Man With Autism Discovers Hidden Talent to Compose Piano Music

Man With Autism Discovers Hidden Talent to Compose Piano Music

A young man with autism is showcasing his piano skills in a unique way every single day.

Brad Minnig lives in Mountville, Pennsylvania. Since he was just a young boy, Brad has loved playing the piano. "When I found that piano, I just started playing. Mom was shocked because she said, 'My son never played piano!'"

But Brad doesn’t just play this beautiful instrument, he composes his own music too. Bard has a unique ability to create music on the spot. He lets his mind and emotions move through his fingers and onto the keys. Many people call this talent a true gift. Piano has truly been a life-changing discovery for the young man.

As a victim of bullying, Brad used piano as a means of escape and way to show others that nothing could hold him back. "I was a victim of bullying. People -- teachers, professionals, students -- they didn't understand autism. They thought I was never going to graduate high school."

Now, Brad is an accomplished musician with 19 albums and hundreds of songs and he’s sharing those sounds with his community. Each summer, Music For Everyone places public pianos all across Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Matt has made it his mission to get out every single day and play the piano for strangers passing by. It’s always a new sound and it’s always a heartwarming experience. Matt’s inspiring story truly showcases that a disability does not hold anyone back. "I'm tired of people saying, 'You can't do something', and put a label on you.”