Couple Performs Acrobatic Ballet Routine That Brings Judges To Tears

Couple Performs Acrobatic Ballet Routine That Brings Judges To Tears

In this stunning audition from World’s Got Talent, one couple performs an incredible acrobatic ballet routine that brings the judges to tears.

At the beginning of the video, the dancers can be seen on an elaborately decorated stage, made to look like a beautiful lake underneath a humongous full moon. The dancers then run toward the giant moon and embrace under it. The scene is magical, right from the beginning.

The song that the two are dancing to is “Never Enough,” sung by Loren Allred. The song was also used in the soundtrack of The Greatest Showman. This inspirational number was a great backdrop for the breathtaking talent that was performing on the stage.

What was phenomenal about the act was not that the ballerina was incredibly graceful or had such beautiful movements, it was that she did a majority of her pointe work on top of her partner! Her performance included dancing in pointe shoes while doing stunning arabesques and turns on her partner’s shoulders, even on his head! Something that is very challenging on solid ground, and near impossible on a non-flat surface like another person’s body.

“First of all, standing on your toes, as a ballerina, is hard enough. Standing on a person, is almost impossible,” one of the judges shared with the dancers after their performance. “You picked the perfect song; you picked the perfect stage. This is World’s Got Talent and you have the talent of the world on your shoulders. It was amazing.”

All during the performance, the emotion that was displayed by the dancers could really be felt by the audience. They gave it their all and it showed! But the best emotion that was captured was the pure joy on their faces after one of the judges pressed the golden buzzer for them. What a beautiful celebration of such awe-inspiring talent!