'Almost Home' MercyMe Live Dove Awards Performance

'Almost Home' MercyMe Live Dove Awards Performance

Dove award-winning musical group MercyMe performs their new single, ‘Almost Home’ at the 2019 Dove Awards.

For decades, MercyMe has been a staple in the Christian music scene, giving us worship anthems such as ‘I Can Only Imagine’ and ‘Shake.’ Today, they are sharing the powerful message of love and acceptance with this incredible song.

“Almost home
Brother it won’t be long
Soon all your burdens will be gone
With all your strength
Sister run wild run free
Hold up your head
Keep pressing on
We are almost home”

When speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Almost Home’ Bart Millard, MercyMe lead vocalist, said this: “There always needs to be something to lift our spirits and keeps us going, so this is hopefully an anthem for people who are just tired and exhausted. The idea of the song is to look forward. Relish the moments that are behind you, but look forward and run to the moments that are ahead.”

Now, they are belting out these words for the whole world to hear as they perform at the 2019 GMA Dove Awards.

“When all that’s been lost has been made whole again
When these tears and this pain no longer exist
No more walking we’re running as fast as we can
Consider this our second wind”

Even when we find ourselves in difficult situations or feel like there is no end to the pain, remember that God is always by our side. One day, we will be reunited with our Maker in Heaven and what a glorious day that will be!

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