Nerve-Wrecking Rescue For Stray Dog With Broken Leg

Nerve-Wrecking Rescue For Stray Dog With Broken Leg

Thanks to Hope For Paws, a nerve-wrecking rescue was brought to completion in order to save a stray dog with a broken leg.

A concerned woman, Esmeralda Alvarez, made a call to Hope For Paws when she spotted a dog in a parking lot that was hit by a car. When the rescuer from Hope For Paws got to the scene, he could tell that the dog’s leg was broken and that she was in a lot of pain.

At first, when the man from Hope For Paws arrives and tries to retrieve the dog from under a car, the dog starts growling at him and showing all her teeth in an aggressive way. Her barks seem like she may attack, but the rescuer persists. He knows that he needs to get this dog somewhere safe where she can be taken care of.

In order to prevent the dog from running out from under the car, the rescuer puts up a plastic gate so she can’t run away. Once the area is secure, he’s able to get down under the car and try to pull the dog out from underneath it.

After securing a leash on the dog, the man was able to pull the dog into his lap to start petting her. It’s amazing to see how her demeanor instantly changed when she started to receive love. No more barking or snarling, just sweet puppy cuddles!

The rescuer from Hope For Paws decides to name the warrior dog “Arya”. Once they get to the Hope For Paws office, Arya is given an x-ray. The results show that her femur is broken and that she has swallowed some rocks.

Before going into surgery to get her femur repaired, Arya is given a nice bath. She is so calm and at peace, despite the pain that she must be in. She must just be happy to be in caring hands and off the street!