'Hold On Me' Travis Greene Featuring Kirk Franklin And John P. Kee

'Hold On Me' Travis Greene Featuring Kirk Franklin And John P. Kee

Listen to this fun Christian song called ‘Hold On Me’ by Travis Greene featuring Kirk Franklin and John P. Kee -- I guarantee you’ll want to sing along!

The music video for this gospel song takes us back in time to a jazz club. Jazz musicians perform behind Travis, Kirk, and John. Everyone in the club is dressed in 1920s clothes and having a good time. There’s no better word to describe all of it other than ‘fun.’

Travis Greene is a gospel musician and a preacher. He first joined the Christian music scene about 15 years ago and released his first album with his own record company. Since then, Travis has made three more full-length albums, an EP, and a few singles.

His music received five Grammy nominations, seven Stellar awards, and a few other awards too. ‘Made A Way,’ his most popular song, made BIllboard’s gospel charts. Until ‘Hold On Me,’ his most recent album came out in 2017.

“Hold On Me’ tells each artists’ story about finding God.

I am different now
Every part of me
Has been touched by Freedom
Oh Jesus, Ya gotta hold on me

The best little story is the last one. Kirk looked back on when he was a little boy. All he cared about in bible school was sitting next to a pretty girl. And he didn’t know this then, but he wouldn’t remember her name. But he remembered God because He is always there for us.

Once we accept God’s love in our lives, He will never give up on us. His love outweighs all evil and calls us back when we get lost. His love will set us free from sin and from our fears. Accepting Jesus changes a person for the better.

Out of my distress I called on the Lord; the Lord answered me and set me free. The LORD is on my side; I will not fear: what can man do unto me? Psalm 118:5-6

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