2021 08 01 - Pastor Jim Rhodes - The Real You - Am I a Biter?

2021 08 01 - Pastor Jim Rhodes - The Real You - Am I a Biter?

In Today's sermon, Pastor Jim Rhodes encourages us to take a good inventory of our real self - the one that is inside us, whether we show it on the outside or not. Our mouths speak what is truly in our hearts. This is the first indicator of the state of our heart. When our hearts sour, so will our speech. When we are under pressure or duress, what comes out of our mouths is truly what is in our hearts. We should look for the symptoms of anything that is out of line with our profession of faith. Are we encouraging others with our speech? Are our words well-seasoned with grace? Or do we "bite and devour each other"? If the latter, we will destroy each other. Let us live in a way that properly displays the character, mercy, and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us THINK before we speak:
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