Chip And Jo Battle It Out In The Kitchen

Chip And Jo Battle It Out In The Kitchen

During a recent shoot for Magnolia Table, Chip and Jo battle it out in the kitchen! Jo gets a little “help” from her beloved and comical husband Chip and what happens next will leave you in stitches. In the words of Jo, “Oh Chip!”

In the episode, Jo prepares an Italian meal that her family just loves when Chip arrives to see how Jo is doing. But we all know that whenever Chip shows up, Jo needs to be on her toes because you never know what Chip may do.

He might eat a dead bug, attempt to jump through a wall of sheetrock or jump into a lake fully clothed. But the one thing Chip almost always does is turn seemingly ordinary and mundane tasks into a competition. And making an Italian feast is no different.

Chip challenges his wife to see who can crack six eggs the fastest. Of course, it needs to be noted, the competition isn’t about who does it efficiently but the fastest.

Jo agrees and as Chip counts them off, everyone assumes Jo will win because it takes a little finesse to crack an egg without shells landing into the mix. Surprisingly, Chip wins! He can crack an egg with one hand! When the competition seemingly over, the camera hovers over the top of Chip’s bowl and there are eggs spilled over on the side of the counter and cutting bowl. What’s even more comical is the fact, Chip has shells splattered inside the bowl, too!

Even though the competition is over, Chip hasn’t left the building just yet. He proceeds to “wash” his hands on an eight-ounce block of cream cheese he mistakes for soap when Jo tells him she needed that for the recipe.

Undeterred by his blunders, Chip decides drinking the eggs he just cracked would be a great idea. But as he takes a rather large mouthful, he realizes it might have been a bad idea as he visibly struggles to swallow the slimy mixture.

Of course, all Jo can do is what we are doing as we watch the video: Laugh, sigh, roll our eyes, and say, “Oh Chip!” We’re laughing with you, Jo! We certainly are!

“A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22

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