Chip Gaines Reads Dad Jokes To His Kids

Chip Gaines Reads Dad Jokes To His Kids

In this hilarious video, Chip Gaines reads dad jokes aloud to his kids in order to see if he can make them laugh. Check out some of the funny jokes below that made us giggle!

“We asked you to submit some of your best dad jokes,” Chip says. Dad jokes get a bad rap. I appreciate dad jokes as much as the next dad, and I have brought my crew of expert dad joke evaluators to determine what’s funny and what’s not. So, let’s get started.”

“If a cow doesn’t produce milk, is it a milk dud? Or an udder failure?” After Chip reads the joke, his kids are silent, not even one laugh is heard! But Joanna can be heard in the distance saying, “I like that one!”

“Where do fish keep their money? In the river bank,” Chip says for his next dad joke. Now some of the kids are starting to smile after this one, but Chip finds it hysterical and starts cracking up!

“I have a scary math joke, but I’m two squared to say it,” says Chip for the next joke. His kids start to giggle and seem more amused with this one. “Right?!” Chip says while pointing at his kids. “That was funny!”

“Have you heard the forecast? Chili today…hot tamale.” After Chip reads this joke, his kids let out their biggest laugh yet! They seem to be really warming up to all these dad jokes that Chip is sharing with them.

Later on in the video, Chip reads a dad joke that he is very familiar with. “If you’re Russian…What?! I invented this joke…this is my go-to joke! Here it goes,” he says. “If you’re Russian when you’re going into the bathroom and you’re Finnish when you’re coming out, what were you when you were in the bathroom?”

“European!” his son yells enthusiastically.

Laughter is truly the medicine and we hope that these jokes that Chip Gaines shared brought a smile to your face today!

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