Sailor Makes It Home Just In Time For Son's Birth

Sailor Makes It Home Just In Time For Son's Birth

There's no story more heartwarming than that of the deployed sailor returning from duty to surprise his family. No matter how many times we see it, the anticipation, excitement, and surprise of the reunion never fail to pull heartstrings.

Petty Officer 2nd Class, Austin Maple, was packing up and saying his goodbyes on the night before his three-month deployment aboard a US Naval ship, when his wife, Emma, decided to surprise him with the news that she was pregnant.

The couple was shocked and excited for the arrival of their first child, but as time went on Austin’s three-month deployment soon seemed like it could last much longer. Just as their time away felt like it was coming to an end, Emma received a call that her husband’s deployment had to be extended.

Six excruciating extensions later, and the couple began to believe Austin might not make it home in time for the birth of their first child.

Then on one lucky day at four in the morning, Austin was told he would finally be sent back home to see the birth of his child. Austin waited excitedly by the phone for it to be morning back home, and called his mother-in-law once she had woken up so they could make a plan to surprise Emma.

“We didn’t want to surprise her too much, because we didn’t want to accidentally make her go into labor,” Austin said when asked about the plan to surprise Emma.

Emma’s mom secretly left a key out for Austin, and once he was waiting outside, she told the unsuspecting Emma to check the front porch for a package that had come for her. When she opened the front door, Emma was so overwhelmed with emotion she called out for “mommy.”

Just a few weeks after Austin’s return, Emma gave birth to a happy and healthy baby boy, Colton with Austin by her side! What an incredible blessing.

"Friends love all the time, and kinsfolk are born for times of trouble." Proverbs 17:17

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