Dance Crew Performs Evolution Of Michael Jackson Dances

Dance Crew Performs Evolution Of Michael Jackson Dances

I think we can all agree that dancing is truly a beautiful art form. There are so many different styles and techniques but each one allows the dancer to express themselves in a very special way. Dancing is also an incredible means to bring happiness to others. Even when someone is just watching a performance, they can become so wrapped up and truly feel the emotions that the dancers are displaying. It’s truly a powerful thing.

Over the years, dancing has changes in a lot of different ways. Older styles have been retired and new ones emerge every day. It’s always really fascinating to look at where dance started and where it is currently. Today, we can to take a look at a very special evolution of dance as we watch iconic numbers from Michael Jackson. Ricardo Walker who routinely performs famous dances from the ‘King of Pop.’

Recently, he decided to enlist the help of 3 of his friends to perform a medley of Michael’s greatest routines. He starts at the very beginning in 1979 with the hit ‘Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough’ and he moves all the way through 2009 with ‘This Is It.’

It’s so cool to see all of our favorite dances in one complete performance. But my absolute favorite has to be the ‘Thriller’ dance. It brings back so many memories and it’s one of those dances that everyone has tried at home once or twice. What an incredible medley. Did you favorite make the list?

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