Zach Williams Performs 'Survivor: Live From Harding Prison'

Zach Williams Performs 'Survivor: Live From Harding Prison'

“For so long I carried the weight of my past, Cripple by burdens like stones on my back, I thought I had fallen too far from your grace, But you came and showed me the way”

Dove Award winner, Zach Williams has a passion for those who are incarcerated. He recently released his song “Survivor” which was recorded live in Harding Prison near Nashville, TN. This project is truly important to Zach.

“I have felt a calling to share my music and stories with men and women in prison in the hopes that lives can be changed by the power of the gospel. My prayer is to see chains broken and walls shattered. God has a plan for each and every one of our lives but we have to fully surrender to the Cross before those plans are revealed."

Zach and his band went to Harding Prison and performed their uplifting worship songs for about 250 prisoners. Each song was an anthem of Hope to those who need to be encouraged that even after bad decisions, they can connect with a loving Heavenly Father. Ultimately it is through Christ alone that we are given freedom from death. That is a message that everyone needs to hear, especially those who may feel that there is no hope and no future. Zack’s music does just that.

“Now all I can see are the fields of your grace, Wherever I run your leading the way, You shook the shackles off my feet, I found redemption on my knees, You gave me hope you gave me something to believe”

There is no doubt that this anthem is a connecting point for us all. Everyone feels trapped and burdened by something in their lives. Praise God that He has given us redemption and offers us unending grace!

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