Parents Warn Others About Washing Machine Dangers

Parents Warn Others About Washing Machine Dangers

In today’s world, terrifying situations happen every second. Especially with children, in an instant you’re whole world can change. Even when you take your eyes off your kids for a split second, they can find dangerous situations to get into. That’s exactly what experts are warning of recently with a spike in washing machine incidents.

While it doesn’t happen often, children can become trapped in front loader washing machines and it can end up deadly. The machines look fun for a child to climb inside but when the door closes, many will automatically lock and start running. That’s exactly what happened to Alan and Lindsey McIver of Denver who almost lost their 3-year-old daughter Khloe to a front-loading washing machine.

Little Khloe made her way into the machine and closed the door. That’s when the airtight washing machine started to fill up with water. Her parents said that “She was screaming but you couldn’t hear her.” Thankfully, Alan and Lindsey were able to stop the machine and rescue Khloe, who only suffered a few cuts and bruises. But the situation could’ve had a very different ending if these parents hadn’t intervened. Now, these parents and other experts are warning others to be cautious around washing machines and always engage the child lock.

It only takes a few seconds for tragedy to strike, so it’s never a bad decision to take the extra time and ensure your family’s safety. I’m so glad that this family was willing to share their story and warn others about the potential dangers they might’ve not known existed.

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