Shadow Dance Group Tells The Emotional Story Of Boy's Life

Shadow Dance Group Tells The Emotional Story Of Boy's Life

Britain’s Got Talent winners, Attraction, return to the stage for an emotional shadow dance depicting the story of a child’s life. We first met this talented ensemble when they won the seventh series of Britain’s Got Talent in 2013. The Hungarian dance troupe led numerous judges to tears with their powerful performances and heartfelt storytelling.

Now, they are back on the Got Talent stage to prove they still have what it takes. America’s Got Talent: The Champions is a special format that features 50 acts who have won or been featured on previous editions of the show. These competitors come from all over the world and now they’re all vying for the ultimate winner’s title.

Attraction brought their unique style of dance to The United States and easily won over the crowd. Their emotional performance tells the story of a boy as he goes throughout life. It starts with his birth and follows him as he grows up in the USA. There are several awe-worthy moments when these incredible dancers transform into the most amazing images such as the Statue Of Liberty and a bald eagle.

I know a routine like this takes so much planning and preparation to pull off but this made everything seem easy. They seamlessly transitioned to the next scene and their bodies molded together to tell this beautiful story. Judge Howie Mandel couldn’t hold back his praises of the group after comparing them to other shadow dancers. “I’ve never seen one more concise, more emotional. You just make my heart burst.” I’m so glad that we got to see this incredible group once again.

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