Couple Makes Handmade Wooden Crosses To Encourage Others

Couple Makes Handmade Wooden Crosses To Encourage Others

Rick and Jackie have huge hearts for spreading the word of God. As they grew in their faith, so did their love for helping people. Together, these two want to encourage others to cast their burdens on the Lord, and they are using handmade crosses to do that. It all started two years ago when they felt led by God to create what they call “Surrender Crosses.”

The surrender cross is a handmade cross that you can physically nail your burdens to that are written on a piece of paper. The purpose of the cross is for people to surrender their burdens and give Christ control over their circumstances. And this couple knows all about handing control over to Chris. Right when they felt called to start this mission, Rick was laid off from his job.

They have been praying for a while for God to close the doors that need to be shut, so when Rick lost his job they knew that RAD JOY was exactly what God was calling them to do.

Now, Rick has the time to fully dedicate himself to RAD JOY and that has filled this entire family with so much happiness. Even their children are involved in the business. The children write a virtue on a piece of paper and whenever their dad is finished with a cross, the family prays together over the virtue before sending it off.

Their prayer is that these wooden crosses will help people let go of all of their problems and feel the moment it is taken away. What an incredible mission!

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