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15-Year-Old Uses ASL To Talk To Blind And Deaf Man On Flight

15-Year-Old Uses ASL To Talk To Blind And Deaf Man On Flight

15-year-old Clara Daly was traveling with her mother Jane from Boston to Los Angeles by plane when the most remarkable moment happened. The six-hour flight, the flight attendants came over the speaker and asked if anyone on board knew sign language.

There was a passenger who was blind and deaf and they were looking for help to communicate with him. They wanted to assist the man and make sure that all of his needs were met, but didn’t know how. Clara has always been interested in sign language and has even studied some, so she rang her bell to call over the attendants and offer her assistance.

Tim Cook was on his way to Portland after visiting his sister in Boston. Clara used fingerspelling, which is where you sign each letter in every word to talk to Tim. This way, Tim could feel her hands and they could communicate. "I went to [Cook] a total of three times, once to get him water, another to tell him the time, and the last hour of the flight to just talk to him," Clara said.

Together, they talked about family and Clara’s future plans while she learned about his past as a salesman. Another passenger named Lynette Scribner noticed the situation and decided to take a picture.

She posted the photo online with a description of the amazing event she witnessed and it received attention from all over. In fact, the post has been shared over 650,000 times on Facebook. Lynette ended her post by saying ‘I have been so touched by the response to this story. We are all starving for good news and this was just what we needed.’

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