Teacher With No Pay Receives Gift From Students

Teacher With No Pay Receives Gift From Students

Bruno Rafael Paiva is a student teacher in Brazil who has currently been living at the school and not receiving a salary. It's been two months since Bruno has been paid, as he's been filling in for a teacher on maternity leave and all the paperwork has not gone through yet. But this amazing teacher is so passionate about his students and giving them an education that he has continued to teach through it all.

When the kids heard about their teacher's struggle, they knew that they needed to do something to help him out. So they decided to pool their money together and present Bruno with an incredible gift.

They left the surprise on his desk and waited for him to walk into the school on day as they kept a camera rolling. Bruno wrote on Facebook that "I had a surprise that was really not prepared. It's gonna be two and a half months that I teach, and I haven't even received the first salary yet. Teacher life is not easy."

He was overcome at emotion for this incredible gesture and now the whole world is getting to know this selfless teacher. I'm so proud of these students for giving back to this incredible role model.

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