Piano Guys Performance For Those With Lost Loved One

Last year, one of the members of The Piano Guys, Jon Schmidt, lost his daughter Annie. She passed away right around Christmas and they felt her absence tremendously. During the holiday season, it can be hard to celebrate and feel happy when you know that you're loved one is not there.

That's when Jon found a Christian song on Facebook that gave him comfort and put words to all of the emotions he was feeling at the time. The song was called The Sweetest Gift” by Craig Aven. It talks about how even though we are missing our loved one, we know that they are in a better place and they're celebrating with Jesus. That's the sweetest gift, knowing that they are in Heaven.

Today, The Piano Guys are teaming up with Craig for a very special performance of this touching song. If you are missing a loved one this holiday season, I hope this song will give you comfort and hope. These lyrics are so powerful and I still find myself wiping away the tears. I'm praying for everyone with a hole in their heart this season.

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