Candace Cameron Bure Shares Favorite Bible Verse

Candace Cameron Bure Shares Favorite Bible Verse

Actress and speaker Candace Cameron Bure has always been outspoken about her faith. She has never been one to shy away from the topic of God and actually makes it a point to put her religious beliefs first.

Today, this talented woman is sharing one of her favorite Bible verses and it will truly speak to your heart. Just listen as she recites 2 Corinthians 12:9 which talks about kindness.

This topic hits home for Candace and whenever she reads it, she cannot help but have a big smile on her face. She says that it brings her such joy every time she reads it and that look on her face says it all.

I just love when others share their love for Lord and what makes their faith stronger. Who else loves this Bible verse?

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