Gaither Vocal Band Performs 'Because He Lives' At Billy Graham Funeral

On February 21, 2018 noted Evangelist Billy Graham passed away at the age 99. Billy Graham dedicated his life to crusading for Christ. He toured the world spreading the good news of the Gospel and encouraging others to trust the Lord with their everything.

Reverend Billy Graham knew there's nothing like hearing a classic hymn to truly make you feel alive for the Lord. As his time on earth drew to an end, the Reverend planned out his own funeral. One element that he requested was for the classic hymn 'Because He Lives' be performed. And that's exactly what happened.

Just listen to this powerful performance of this special hymn from the Gaither Vocal Band. This song has touched so many of lives all around the world, just like the words and sermons of Billy Graham. This the perfect tribute to this amazing man. I'm so glad that his legacy will live on through the hearts of millions around the world.

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