Eric Liddell Joins the Global Hymn Sing

Eric Liddell Joins the Global Hymn Sing

Keith and Kristyn Getty have invited the world to a Global Hymn Sing February 25, 2018:

The hymn they've chosen is "Jesus Will Reign," which Eric Liddell led a crowd in singing just before boarding the train which started his trek to China. His Olympic gold and bronze medals, not to mention his world record in the 400m, opened up many prestigious offers in Europe and the U.S. But he left it all behind to serve the Chinese as a teacher, track coach, and missionary for the rest of his short life.

I've been portraying Liddell since 2004 in my one-man play Beyond the Chariots (, and I planned to dramatize Liddell singing "Jesus Shall Reign" in a follow-up film to Chariots of Fire, but we were beat to the finish line (

I just found out about the Global Hymn Sing, so I thought the best way to dramatize the event, given the short time constraint, would be to portray him reflecting on that event at a point of his life that gives us a peek into the life he sacrificially chose.

You can download this video to play at your church at Permission has been granted from copyright holders on this arrangement: Be sure to register there, so you and/or your church can be added to the map.

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