Piano Guy and Wife Duet To 'Rewrite The Stars'

Steven Sharp Nelson is one half of the talented group The Piano Guys. His musical performances have been seen all over the world, but there's one accomplishment that remains his greatest and that was the day he met his wife, Julie.

Steven starts at the beginning and tells us how this precious couple met and he realized that love at first sight was actually real. He even shares the beautiful mountain where he proposed to Julie.

It's obvious that Steven is very much in love with his wife and he says 'I wish I could even portray, with music, what she means to me. I can’t. There’s just not music beautiful enough.' But Steven decided to come close at that's when he invited his amazing wife to perform with him to 'Rewrite The Stars' from the 'The Greatest Showman.'

This is such a beautiful moment between husband and wife. I'm so glad they decided to record this performance and share their story with the world.

See a GodTube playlist of more Greatest Showman videos here:
Source: ThePianoGuys

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