North Uganda Crusade 1st half

We went to Otwal village in North Uganda to cut the heads off the beasts of witchcraft and false religion. And we did.
The video is comprised of excerpts of 3 days preaching, singing, healing and deliverance and also some footage of some outreach.
The highlight was a massive deliverance and healing on Sat night. How much fun can a bloke have. But Ugandans don't seem to need any more light than a mobile phone gives so there was no hope of filming anything after dark with only two 100 watt globes in the whole place and 2 torches that were both mine.
But it was after dark ( 7.00 pm) that the crowd appeared and the action happened. So my wife Poss and I got as much footage with 1 video and 2 cameras and 1 voice recorder ( when I remembered to switch it on ) as we could inbetween the main action.
And we are so looking forward to the next round, then the next, the next.....................

Witchdoctors were saved, even those who came to disrupt and many were healed and delivered. Alcoholics were delivered, the tormented now have peace and the demonized are free.
Plus the remaining Catholic and Anglican priests have kicked out all who attended the Crusade. Praise God. And the people don't care because
Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.
The Word was confirmed by signs following.

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