Spiritus Domini (Gregorian)

I used the Infant Jesus of Prague for the first
picture to symbolize that he existed before man.
The cinematric animation in that slide symbolizes His
divine presence. I used the Holy Family as the
second slide to represent His birth to an earthly
family, the lilies represent purity. I used the
heart animation to symbolize the love of His mother,
the Virgin Mary. I used the carpentry picture for the
third picture to represent his upbringing. The rectangle
animation represents his apprenticeship under Saint
Joseph. I used the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the fourth
picture to represent His ministry on Earth. The V animation in that slide is meant to follow His hand movements. I used the Crucifixion for the fifth picture to comemorate His sacrifice for our undeserved Salvation. The cross animation is meant to symbolize His cross. I used the Good Shepherd for the final picture to remind you and me that we He will lead us when we go astray and that we will meet Him when we die and that His eternal kingdom will be more just and beautiful than any temporary power on earth, which is full of corruption, hypocracy, and injustice. I used the cinematric animation on the last picture to represent the transition from death to everlasting

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