LASTing Peace, Week 31, Q and A, Being Okay With Me

LASTing Peace, Week 31, Q and A, Being Okay With Me

Kimberly asked: A couple weeks ago I was at my sisters house and my nieces were climbing all over me, and they commented several times, "Your skinny Aunt Mimi, why you so skinny?" then last week at my nephews birthday party, once again one of them came up and sat next to me and said, "You skinny Aunt Mimi". I will tell you...I was speechless, I didn't know what to say. It shocked and scared me. It was the first time they have ever said anything like that. I don't want to give them the wrong impression of anything. I want them to have a right perspective. The first time, when I could finally find words was: "God makes everyone in all different shapes and sizes", but that felt so false and empty and wrong. It's true...but it felt like an excuse. Then the second time, last week...what just slipped out was, "Would you love me if I wasn't?" what?! wow! tells me there is something we fear we won't be loved if we aren't skinny anymore. Have we so embraced this that we fear rejection if we are no longer skinny? In this, not really sure how to phrase the question...maybe, how do you make the transition from this, "skinny" to just healthy, and still be ok with me?

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