Bryant & Cindy Heflin Talk About Faith-Building Stories

Bryant & Cindy Heflin Talk About Faith-Building Stories

Adversity is inevitable. Pain, trouble, and heartache strike each of us. Life guarantees it and the Bible confirms it. But nowhere does God promote, or even suggest, that we are to just "put up" with it. Adversity is an invitation. It's an open-armed request to experience God's power and peace, to behold a glimpse of His glory so brilliant that earthly cares fade from sight.

Bryant and Cindy Heflin understand that in a personal way. Because of overcoming the despair of chronic illness, Cindy Heflin now ministers with a heart that knows the agony of spiritual defeat. From their experiences, they have compiled Experiencing the Great I Am: 40 Faith-Building Stories from Contemporary Christians.

This video documents Bryant and Cindy's testimony on 100 Huntely Street, where they also talk about the experience of publishing their book.

In their book, Other household names like Jim Cymbala, Chonda Pierce, Michael W. Smith, Beth Moore, Lee Strobel, Steven Curtis Chapman and other Christians you'll recognize, partner with the Heflins to share moments when the Great I Am proved his faithfulness to them and how He turned adversity into an invitation to meet Him on a new level.

In this video, they share their own story as well as how they came to collect the stories that are told in Experiencing the Great I Am.

Bryant Heflin is the founder of Proclaim His Glory ministries and was the lead pastor at New Life Christian Church in Dayton, Ohio. Speaking regularly at churches, schools, and men's events, Bryant is driven by a desire to str