Code Lyoko - When The Children Cry

Code Lyoko - When The Children Cry

This song is about how there are children born all over the world, which is full of hatred, and that they had no choice in the matter of where or when they were born.

The new generations have the ability to shape the world into something horrible or try to make it a more sturdy world with morals and goals. The world has become a dirty place where wrong is right and right is wrong.

The world needs to have morals and religion (and relationships) are important for the world and for a working society. What do we live for, if there is nothing to believe in OR hope FOR?

When the people who framed our society with traditions fall, who will be there to shape the future? None other than the children of the world. And whether or not they remain fearful is all a matter of hope.

"...One united world, under God."

Code Lyoko is made my Moonscoop distributions and the music in this video is by "Mark'Oh". This is merely for motivation, worship and fans.