Addictions movie trailer

Addictions follows the story of Kayla Butler (Jacqueline Peter) who would pass for the girl next door. However Kayla has a dark secret that most people don’t know that is about to be fully exposed. As the production begins she enters in to face a Review Board (Fern Pridham, Patti Muma-Cook & Patricia Hicks) to see what punishment she might receive for her brush with the law. Her secret will shatter the image that everyone has of her. Can one event in someone’s life truly change it this much? Will she be set free or face more punishment? Could her ultimate fear come true… could Kayla be facing jail time for her actions?

Jacqueline Peter won a prestigious “Award of Merit: Leading Actress” at The IndieFEST Film Award festival for her portrayal of Kayla Butler in Addictions.

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