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Tim Hawkins' 'Things You Don't Say To Your Wife' Song Is Hilarious

Tim Hawkins' 'Things You Don't Say To Your Wife' Song Is Hilarious

You have to listen to this hilarious parody song from Tim Hawkins titled ‘Things You Don't Say To Your Wife.'

“Hey honey have you gained some weight in your rear-end?
That dress you wear reminds me of my old girlfriend
And where'd you get those shoes? I think they're pretty lame
Would you stop talking 'cause I'm trying to watch the game
If you're a man who wants to live a long and happy life
These are the things you don't say to your wife”

Christian comedian Tim Hawkins has been married for quite a while, so he knows a thing or two about what not to do in marriage. And you can't help but laugh when you hear this song he wrote called 'Things You Don't Say To Your Wife'.

Tim starts off the song by playing his guitar and saying, “I did the choreography myself.” He has the room laughing right from the beginning of his act!

The song ‘Things You Don't Say To Your Wife' follows the same tune as ‘Good Riddance’ by the band Green Day that was released in 1997. Tim’s version just has much more hilarious lyrics.

There are three segments throughout the song of things not to say. Some of them include “I planned a hunting trip next week on your birthday, I didn't ask you 'cause I knew it'd be OK” and “go make some dinner while I watch this fishing show, I taped it over our old wedding video.”

As Tim is singing these funny lyrics, the people in the audience are just cracking up! I’m sure many of them are married and know that things would not turn out well in their relationships if these words were actually exchanged!

We hope that you enjoyed watching this video and it was able to make you laugh today!

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