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  • Katy Takes A WalkKaty Takes A Walk
    Another adventure of Katy, from the True Campaign.truecampaign2010-10-01T23:39:032,149 views00:00:25
  • Katy and the KiteKaty and the Kite
    Katy learns a lesson about body image.truecampaign2010-10-01T22:38:043,593 views00:00:32
  • The True CampaignThe True Campaign
    Challenge the Culture. End the Crisis.

    The True Campaign exists to end the crisis of poor self image by challenging cultural ideals about identity and beauty, so we can be free to impact our world as God intended.

    Let�s face it: too m...
    truecampaign2010-10-01T22:38:043,327 views00:02:00