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  • I wish you a Merry ChristmasI wish you a Merry Christmas
    son sings I wish you a Merry Christmastdjp062010-10-02T00:14:421,383 views00:00:28
  • Jingle BellsJingle Bells
    My almost 3 year old sings Jingle Bellstdjp062010-10-02T00:14:421,385 views00:00:26
  • Cake FaceCake Face
    My son was eating cake and smeared it all over his face. Listen how smart he is and he already knows at 18 months that "Good God" and "Roll Tide" are basically the same.tdjp062010-10-01T23:04:533,487 views00:01:16
  • Eating his first birthday cakeEating his first birthday cake
    My son turns one and here is his first taste of freedom with cake.tdjp062010-10-01T23:04:533,732 views00:01:04
  • Getting tickled by feet - backwards day at schoolGetting tickled by feet - backwards day at school
    It was backwards day at school, this is why my son has his clothes on backwards, we don't always dress him this way. He used to be so limber, and loved to be tickled with his feet.tdjp062010-10-01T23:04:536,347 views00:00:19
  • Ready to slideReady to slide
    We decided to put the water hose on JP's new slide and he loved it.tdjp062010-10-01T23:04:423,608 views00:00:11
  • Playing in the rainPlaying in the rain
    JP is wearing only a diaper and playing in the rain he is about 17 months old.tdjp062010-10-01T23:03:444,060 views00:00:57
  • Uncontrollable laughingUncontrollable laughing
    My son JP was about 7 months old and he was playing with the magazine and I started to shake it and he thought it was just too funny.tdjp062010-10-01T23:03:4417,641 views00:00:55