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  • Total Surrender
    Total Surrender00:37:28
    Pastor Phil Eckstein shows us that without total surrender, we cannot receive the full omnipotenc...paradise pointe ministry 2018-02-20T04:10:0265 views
  • The Bible
    The Bible00:41:34
    Is the Bible God inspired' Which version should we readparadise pointe ministry 2018-02-26T07:50:0259 views
  • Purify
    Can man have a part in the purifying processparadise pointe ministry 2018-04-15T23:00:0457 views
  • No Excuse
    No Excuse00:35:24
    When we are being bombarded with all of todays technology and information, are we able to stay fi...paradise pointe ministry 2018-03-19T11:25:0447 views
  • Suffering
    Are we prepared to suffer for Christparadise pointe ministry 2018-03-06T13:20:2744 views
  • Carrying Your Cross
    Carrying Your Cross00:30:56
    Are you willing to carry your cross for others just as Christ carried His cross for youparadise pointe ministry 2018-06-10T15:25:0142 views
  • Walking With God
    Walking With God00:33:01
    Do you just hang out with God when it's convenient or do you walk with Him dailyparadise pointe ministry 2018-07-01T15:45:0240 views
  • Seeds
    Are you ready for the harvestparadise pointe ministry 2018-03-12T10:40:0240 views
  • History
    Does history repeat itselfparadise pointe ministry 2018-03-25T08:40:0138 views
  • Prayer
    Do you say your prayers, or do you actually enter into prayerparadise pointe ministry 2018-05-29T00:20:0238 views
  • Father' Day
    Father' Day00:35:04
    Do you know the difference between being a father to a child and being a child's father' paradise pointe ministry 2018-06-18T20:10:0437 views
  • Tomorrow
    Have you always thought, there will always be a tomorrow' See what God's word says on this subjec...paradise pointe ministry 2018-02-11T22:55:0137 views
  • Holy Blessings
    Holy Blessings00:45:37
    What do you want in life more than anythingparadise pointe ministry 2018-07-31T00:00:3736 views
  • Contentment
    Can we be content and still want more Can we be happy but not contentparadise pointe ministry 2019-03-02T12:00:0425 views
  • Your Cutting Edge
    Your Cutting Edge00:37:55
    Have you lost your cutting edgeparadise pointe ministry 2018-07-15T00:20:0323 views
  • Christian Education
    Christian Education00:39:45
    What is the true process of a Christian educationparadise pointe ministry 2018-07-09T13:05:0322 views