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  • Jesus'Love for YOU!Jesus'Love for YOU!
    Video is not for the faint of heart,is a little graphic in content.I only did it this way to show HIS absolute love for MANKIND!samson1012010-10-02T01:29:511,378 views00:06:49
  • Miracle Manna????Miracle Manna????
    This video was done to REFUTE,what he claims,God came to him and told him to do with the bread made in Ezekiel 4:9. Popoff claims it has HEALING,MONEY MAKING,HIV curing abilities if you even place it on your body where you have pain it will be cur...samson1012010-10-02T00:18:342,886 views00:03:24
  • Truths RevealedTruths Revealed
    More proof to dismiss the Book of mormon.samson1012010-10-02T00:06:322,970 views00:12:59
  • Joseph Smith's false prophecies..Joseph Smith's false prophecies..
    This is a multiple part series on the false prophecies given by Joseph Smith concerning Jesus Christ's return,etc...samson1012010-10-01T23:54:462,525 views00:14:43
  • Jesus Is IndescribableJesus Is Indescribable
    Just a little movie for my Lord and savior whom I love dearly!.. And it's my first one,I hope you enjoy watching it as much as I did making it!.samson1012008-03-17T00:00:003,479 views00:03:59