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  • It's Just A Matter Of TimeIt's Just A Matter Of Time
    The Artis Family Performing
    "It's Just A Matter Of Time"
    My children are growing up right before our eyes as you view our videos... this video displays a new level of maturity and confidence in their performance. I am a very proud father who t...
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:004,005 views00:09:18
  • Father & Sons Father & Sons Artis
    Ron Artis & Ron Artis II
    Perform a improv jazz duet on piano.
    Stevon Artis is play the drums
    Victor Artis is on the bass.
    This is a example of how Dad teaches his children.
    Dad is displaying how to release your emotions through
    dynamics and ...
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:003,973 views00:08:47
  • All Over The World - The Artis FamilyAll Over The World - The Artis Family
    Beautiful Love Song From Hawaii
    Sung Tenderly By Ron Artis II
    slide photo's by Ron Artis II
    Song written by Ron Artis and Ron Artis II
    Video filmed by Stephanie Artis
    Flowers grown by Stephanie Artis
    Recorded by Spirit Artis
    Edit by Ron Ar...
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:003,419 views00:05:22
  • Over The RainbowOver The Rainbow
    Ron Artis II Sings Over The Rainbow.
    Ron Artis (Piano, Keyboards), Stevon Artis (Drums)
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:006,943 views00:05:13
  • It Happens For YouIt Happens For You
    It Happens For You By Ron Artis II

    Ron Artis (Piano, Keyboards), Ron Artis II (Guitar, Vocals), Victor Artis (Bass), Stevon Artis (Drums), Thunderstorm Artis (Percussions), Martis Artis (Percussions). visit
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:003,731 views00:09:58
  • Dreadlocks Ron Artis: Slow DownDreadlocks Ron Artis: Slow Down
    The Artis Family Performing Some Real solid Groove Raggae
    It's showtime with Ron Artis wearing a reggae wig to portray his dreadlock character while he performs his new reggae song to help people get off caffeine. Ron and the kids love to have f...
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:004,509 views00:13:24
  • SummertimeSummertime
    Ron Artis And Family
    Performing An Ol' Jazz Favorite with Ron Artis on Piano, Keyboards - Ron Artis II on Vocals & Guitar - Victor Artis on Bass- Stevon Artis on Drums - Thunderstorm Artis on Percussions.
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:003,229 views00:12:56
  • Ron Artis SteinwayRon Artis Steinway
    Ron Artis Sketches On His 1879 Concert D Steinway.The life of an artist can be full if visions are clear.
    Ron Artis has always used his gifts to help mankind. Love is the answer.
    1879 Steinway Concert D signed by Vladimir Ashkenazy & Van Cliburn...
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:002,804 views00:06:00
  • Lil' Ron Spittin The TruthLil' Ron Spittin The Truth
    Ron Artis II
    Spittin On The Mic Live
    One Take Straight From The Holy Spirit To You

    Ron Artis (Keyboards, Piano)
    Ron Artis II (Vocals)
    Victor Artis (Bass)
    Stevon Artis (Drums)
    Thunderstorm Artis (Percussions)
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:002,709 views00:07:24
  • Dreadlock Ron Artis Performs: Keep Her SmoothDreadlock Ron Artis Performs: Keep Her Smooth
    Ron Artis (Vocals, Keyboards, Trumpet, Sax)
    Ron Artis II (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)
    Victor Artis (Bass)
    Stevon Artis (Drums)
    Thunderstorm Artis (Percussions)
    PraiseJesus Artis (Hammond B3)
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:002,691 views00:14:53
  • The Reggae KidsThe Reggae Kids a father having fun with his children.
    Ron Artis and his children created this music to inspire people to have fun with their children. Reggae is just one of many venues The Artis Family will use to express this message. Watch for Classic...
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:004,340 views00:07:54
  • Ron Artis Airbrush Art - Paints Haleiwa Hawaii MuralRon Artis Airbrush Art - Paints Haleiwa Hawaii Mural
    Ron Artis airbrushes the place he calls home Hawaii. This is where he taught his children to surf and play in the ocean and also the only place where the Artis Family performs their music live in their theater called Resurrection City. The backg...ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:003,475 views00:09:50
  • Ron Artis Hawaii Studio Gallery for Art / Music / MuralsRon Artis Hawaii Studio Gallery for Art / Music / Murals
    Ron Artis Hawaii Studio Gallery
    Ron Artis has painted over 850 Murals in Hawaii
    He has also has had over 17 Galleries all over the U.S. where he has painted anything on anything and Ron Artis has always said "If I Can't Hang It In The Wh...
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:002,703 views00:05:48
  • Ron Artis: The New Sound Of HawaiiRon Artis: The New Sound Of Hawaii
    Ron Artis & Family Reflect The Sound Of Hawaii
    A Perfect Mixture Of All The Nations.

    Ron Artis Daddy (Piano, Keyboards)
    Ron Artis II 20 yrs-21 on 31st of august (Guitar, Keyboards)
    Victor Artis 19 yrs(B%^)
    Stevon Artis 17 yrs(Dr...
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:002,707 views00:08:50
  • Don't Misunderstand The BluesDon't Misunderstand The Blues
    Ron Artis And Family
    Playing Some Low Down Blues with Ron Artis II on Vocals & Guitar - Ron Artis Sr. Harmonica, Piano & Keyboards - Victor on Bass Stevon Artis on Drums - Thunderstorm Artis on Percussions.
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:004,075 views00:06:26
  • Ron Artis' $500 Billion Dollar Canvas "US Ships and Subs"Ron Artis' $500 Billion Dollar Canvas "US Ships and Subs"
    Ron Artis painting inside of the USS Kamehameha
    a U.S. Submarine. This was the first of 27 U.S. Ships & Subs Ron Artis has painted in Pearl Harbor.

    for more visit
    ronartis2008-03-17T00:00:002,791 views00:04:05