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Walmart, Greeting Cards and a Life’s Calling with James Barnett

November 29, 2022   ●   28 min

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James Barnett has led greeting card company DaySpring from its humble beginnings in Arkansas through its current status as a global source of encouragement. With over 40 years of experience with the company, James has learned a lot about what it looks like to live into his life’s calling. That calling began when James Barnett was growing up in the south as a pastor’s kid, the youngest of 7 children. Money was always tight, which created resourcefulness and drive in a young James. But when he attended a conference in Dallas, his life was forever changed by a question: “Are you driven, or are you called?” That conference was his first step towards asking God, “what are You doing, and how can I be a part of it?” James Barnett expands on that life-changing perspective shift in this episode of Trevor Talks and his brand-new book Blue Skies. This is an episode for anyone who needs encouragement to pursue their own calling.

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