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Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Therapy + Theology with Carley Marcouillier

Carley Marcouillier

3 Reasons Why Stopping Is Essential to Success

January 5, 2023   ●   15 min

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It’s a New Year, and with that comes a new series to kick 2023 off right - Rhythms Over Resolutions. Over the next four weeks, we will explore the shift from making resolutions to creating rhythms in our lives that help shape us into who we are created to become.

Whatever our goals may be for this year, it is essential to go back to the foundational rhythms God has created us for - both rest and work. Yet, in our fast past society, it is hard to find time to stop in a consistent way that benefits our productivity and builds our emotional and spiritual well-being.

In this introduction episode, we will explore the common misconceptions surrounding resolution-making, define the biblical invitation to stop as a part of how we were created, and discuss three ways stopping is essential to your success.


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Ruthless Elimination of Hurry




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