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The Ryan Ries Show

Ryan Ries

Restore Skate w/ Mike Francisco

March 15, 2023   ●   56 min

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In todays show Ryan is joined by Mike Francisco Founder of Restore Skate based out of Tampa Bay, Florida. A lot like The Whosoevers, Restore Skate exists to bring hope to a generation battling, drug abuse, depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicide and broken homes and aims to show them their true purpose in life through the gospel.

Restore skate are a group of Skaters serving Skaters by reflecting the light and HOPE of Christ in culture.

"We are called to LOVE our neighbors. ALL of our neighbors. We feed the skateboarding community weekly and provide for the needs in our local parks. We empower the skateboarding community to serve our cities through feeding missions to our un-housed neighbors and working together to build an accepting and loving environment in our local parks."

To find out more about Restore Skate visit the link below:

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