The Happy Rant

The Happy Rant

Barnabas Piper, Ronnie Martin and Ted Kluck

Episode #405: Parenting, Sports, Church, and “Theology of” Books

September 1, 2022   ●   38 min

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In this episode of The Happy Rant, Ted, Ronnie and Barnabas wander to and fro through a variety of topics:

1. How many more “Theology of” books do we need?
2. Theology of sports and ruining fun
3. Trading on people’s dreams
4. Parenting, sports, and church
5. Theology of food and reforemdom
6. Doing moderation well
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Today's Devotional

A Prayer for Family - Your Daily Prayer - October 2

God has entrusted each one of us with different family members. Whether biologically or through adoption, the Lord has strategically placed each one of us where we are for a reason.

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