The Christian Outlook | Topics for Today's Believers

The Christian Outlook | Topics for Today's Believers

Georgene Rice

Prayer in Troubled Times: Seeking God's Help for Our Nation

March 22, 2024   ●   41 min

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The Christian Outlook – March 23, 2024

Albert Mohler, referencing his op-ed at, condemns Vice President Kamala Harris' campaign stop at a Planned Parenthood death camp in Saint Paul, Minnesota as a historic moral breach, signaling the triumph of the culture of death in U.S. politics.

Eric Metaxas invites Caleb Dalton of Alliance Defending Freedom, to discuss aggressive tactics of the New Jersey government against First Choice Pregnancy Resource Center in New Jersey.

John Hall and Kathy Emmons and Pam Irizarry delve into the complex and enduring emotional toll of abortion on women's lives, challenging misconceptions propagated by the media and highlighting the need for post-abortion ministries like Deeper Still Pittsburgh to provide healing and restoration.

Georgene Rice and Andrew Carter, author of “The Privilege of Prayer,” discuss the significance of prayer and the privilege we have to talk directly with God. Carter emphasizes consistency and intimacy, drawing from the Lord's Prayer as a template for meaningful communication with the Creator.

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