The Christian Outlook | Topics for Today's Believers

The Christian Outlook | Topics for Today's Believers

Georgene Rice

It All Hinges on the Resurrection

April 5, 2024   ●   42 min

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The Christian Outlook - April 6, 2024

Bob Burney takes a look at the Biden Administration's proclamation of "Transgender Day of Visibility" on Easter Sunday.

Scott Furrow issues a warning to parents who are considering taking their children to get gender surgeries or cross-sex hormone treatments.

Greg Seltz and Dr. Albert Mohler address this issue of transgenderism and how Christians are the only ones speaking up for gender confused children, even in the face of being ridiculed as "extremists."

Eric Metaxas invites Jeremiah Johnston to discuss his in depth research of the resurrection, spelled out of course in Scripture, but also in his book, Body of Proof: The 7 Best Reasons to Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus--and Why It Matters Today. They talk about the centrality of the resurrection to Christian faith. In fact, all of human history hinges on it.

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