The Christian Outlook | Topics for Today's Believers

The Christian Outlook | Topics for Today's Believers

Georgene Rice

Gratitude: A Centerpiece for Healthy Christian Living

April 19, 2024   ●   41 min

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The Christian Outlook  - April 20, 2024

Albert Mohler takes a look at the attack on Israel by Iran and how it is an unprecedented move, in that Iran attacked Israel directly, and not with its usual proxy war method.

Eric Metaxas turns to Michael Wilkerson, the founder of the organization Stormwall, and how this is a very dangerous period in human history, one that has all the markings of a nuclear Armageddon.

Greg Seltz and Alex McFarland, a prolific author and the founder of Alex McFarland Ministries, take a look at threats posed from the political agenda of our fast-unfolding sexual revolution and radical LGBTQ agenda, which is an attack on the family.

John Hall and Kathy Emmons talk with Cornelius Plantinga about his new book: “Gratitude: Why Giving Thanks Is the Key to Our Well-Being.”

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