The Christian Outlook | Topics for Today's Believers

The Christian Outlook | Topics for Today's Believers

Georgene Rice

Alabama Recognizes the Humanity of the Human Embryo

February 23, 2024   ●   42 min

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The Christian Outlook – February 24, 2024

Albert Mohler discusses a ruling by the Alabama State Supreme Court regarding the destruction of embryos, affirming that unborn children are children without exception, regardless of developmental stage or physical location. 

Brian From and Robyn Chambers, of Focus on the Family, discuss the changes in the pro-life movement post-Roe v. Wade. They highlight the Option Ultrasound program's success in supporting pregnancy centers and empowering women to choose life for their babies, with over 500,000 lives impacted positively.

Greg Seltz and George Barna, author of “Raising Spiritual Champions,” discuss the erosion of truth in contemporary culture, and the importance of instilling biblical worldview and values, especially among children. 

Scott Furrow and Pastor Allen Jackson discuss positive developments in the church despite challenges, highlighting increased clarity of truth and a resurgence of questioning beliefs. 

Gino Geraci discusses Alyssa Childers' article on progressive Christianity, outlining five danger signs of being in a progressive church. He highlights the importance of discerning these signs to evaluate one's church and pastor's theological stance.

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